The Great Storm: Minnesota’s Victims in the Blizzard of January 7th, 1873

Author/historian Carolyn Sowinski  will be her Monday August 21st at 2 pm in the Community Center to discuss her recently published book “The Great Storm”, that covers a 3-day blizzard which occurred 150 years ago in Western Minnesota, taking the lives of 84 people, including one in Lincoln County, and several in Lyon County. Carolyn will share stories of victims of the storm: the men and women, children and babies, Civil War veterans, recent immigrants and visitors to the area, who spent hours lost in the blinding snow and subzero weather conditions. She will also detail the lives of those who were lost, but managed to survive the extreme weather conditions eventually finding shelter, but often dying from their injuries days or weeks later. This free program is sponsored by the Ivanhoe Public Library.