Thank You For Supporting the Library


I would like to thank everyone who bought cups of Cold Stone Ice Cream last week at our yearly fundraiser. We sold 322 cups of ice cream, earning the Friends of the Ivanhoe Public Library $590.00. This money will be used to help support programs and services at the Library.
Each year I am always amazed at the number of people who make a special trip to the library to buy ice cream during our fundraiser, some of you more than once buying multiple cups of ice cream for family and friends–you know who you are, and we love seeing you multiple times throughout the week.
Really, it makes no difference if you buy one cup or multiple cups of ice cream–just by showing up and purchasing a cup of ice cream it shows us how special this library is to our community–and we send everyone a big THANK YOU for your support, not only during the Cold Stone Fundraiser, but throughout the year.