Library Stats for 2021

Each year public libraries in Minnesota are required to file an annual report with the state detailing library usage and activities in the preceding year. The deadline for the report is April 1st, and having recently completed the report, I would like to share with you some facts from our 2021 report.

Visits to the Library last year were 3,179, which is a little down from previous years due to the pandemic. While we were open normal hours for 2021, many of our patrons still preferred our curbside and delivery services, which saw us setting out 780 bags of books or other library materials, this number is not included in visits to the Library. Delivery of library materials is another service we offer to our community, and last year we made 75 deliveries to home bound residents of Ivanhoe—also not included in our visits to the library count. So in 2022 we served our patrons and this community a minimum 4,034 times.

In 2022 we saw 8,023 items, meaning books, movies, magazines, puzzles and etc, checked out from the Library. Inter-library loan through the Plum Creek Library Systems is very popular, and in 2021 we sent out 846 items to other Libraries in our State, and received 1,873 items that our patrons had requested from Libraries throughout the State of Minnesota. We offer digital materials through the Plum Creek Library System, and our patrons checked out 555 items, a big increase from prior years. Another free service we offer is Wifi, both inside and outside our building, and we had a total of 848 wireless sessions by members of our community.

Last year we offered 44 in-person programs with an attendance of 323, note that our in-person program did not begin until summer of 2021, due to many performers not traveling due to the pandemic. Self-directed activities were again very popular at the library, including our monthly Grab and Go Activity kits, and our “Where in Ivanhoe Am I” Scavenger Hunt for families. We offered 16 self-directed programs, with a total of 394 participants. Overall I would say 2021 was a good year for the Library. We overcame the challenges of the pandemic, and continued to serve our community as we have in the past. 2022 started out busier that 2021, and we are looking forward to offering more in person programming and activities this summer and fall.